Copywriting services from Paula Ludley

As a commercial copywriter, I create content that is concise, engaging and appropriate for my client. My work is not sector-specific; I work with clients from a diversity of industries.

Professionally written content protects your brand, and provides an essential connection with potential and existing clients.

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Website Content

Content is King. It must be relevant, engaging and without errors or waffle. Your website is a vital first touch point with new clients. That potential relationship shouldn’t be jeopardised by poor content.

Your copy also plays a major part in how well your website ranks with search engines. It must be SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ready, the crafting of which requires knowledge and skill.


Blogging is not just a buzzword. It’s a cost-effective way of positioning yourself as an expert, and bringing potential customers to your website. This incredibly effective way to engage with your market shouldn’t be ignored, simply because you don’t have the time or skill to write.

When creating blogs, I learn about your business and conduct relevant research before writing. Once complete, the blog is available for you to share across many different platforms.

Promotional Literature

When spending valuable funds on promotional material you obviously want to achieve a healthy return on your investment.

Leaflets and other disposable literature must create immediate impact. I put your offering into professional copy that clearly explains what your business is about, with a distinct call to action.

E-Shot Content

Email marketing is a proven route to new customers, but only if the content resonates with its target audience. An email must have instant impact to be successful, but it should also be engaging.

Striking the balance between selling and relationship-building, is crucial for the email to be successful.


Newsletters not only keep readers up to date with news, they also generate interest in upcoming events, or new products and services.

Ideal for keeping in touch with existing customers, employees or stakeholders, a newsletter is a powerful tool for maintaining brand awareness and nurturing relationships.

Company Documentation

When distributing information either internally or externally, it is essential that companies relay their message concisely and without ambiguity.

Company documentation should always be written and presented professionally to create and maintain a credible reputation amongst staff, clients and external organisations.

Proofreading and copy editing

I provide proofreading and copy-editing services for digital content, documentation and marketing materials. Accuracy and appealing presentation of all content is essential for its success.

Companies that produce material with errors risk discouraging potential clients who are looking for a supplier that pays attention to accuracy and detail.


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By working independently, or with associates who provide complementary services such as web design, social media management or printing, I can help you get that long awaited project off the ground. Just get in touch.