The Lancashire Business Expo Top 40!

We asked visitors to our stand at Friday’s Lancashire Business Expo (#LBE2018) to give us a quote about what they thought of the event.

Lancashire Business Expo 2018 logoThe author of the best quote would win a free blog for their business, and they, along with the three runners-up, would also be quoted and linked into an article about the event, to be distributed to over 17,000 businesses next week.

The rest of the quotes would have to unfortunately be filed in the bin, but when we read through them, they gave a real taste of the success of the event, organised by Shout Network. So instead, we’ve decided to publish them all in this blog.

Here then, are the Lancashire Business Expo Top 40 quotes (without the four winners – you’ll have to wait for them – so the mathematicians amongst you will be expecting 36):

  • The exhibition looks very professionally organised. All credit to Shout Network.
  • Cracking, buzzing, inspiring – excellent day with lots of fun
  • The only place where you’re praised for being different
  • The place to “Shout, Shout, Let it all out”
  • AMAZING, great day meeting new people and businesses
  • Love all the smiley faces people are walking around with, so early in the morning
  • Business and pleasure at #LBE2018
  • Shout Network’s exhibition is absolutely superb! Really promotes Preston and Lancashire
  • Great buzz already. Really looking forward to meeting some FAB Lancashire businesses
  • It’s going to be a well-deserved pint at 4 o’clock! Busy day
  • This is my 4th Expo and the best yet. It never fails to amaze
  • Busy and warm! Great for a cold day
  • Fantastic turn out despite the weather
  • Great opportunity to meet with new businesses and existing contacts
  • Fab vibe, friendly faces, what a way to do business
  • Life’s short. Love it
  • The foundations for business enterprise
  • A great, friendly environment. Can’t wait to get started
  • The best place to meet the best variety of businesses
  • #LBE2018 was “snow” joke
  • Very broad spectrum. Open-minded business people
  • It’s the right event…not to be copied
  • Lovely to catch up with exhibitors
  • Brilliant event
  • Sore feet!
  • Can you believe LBE2018 is even better than LBE2017? Roll on LBE2019
  • Super event meeting super people
  • Blinding event!
  • Lovely to meet so many new people! Fantastic time with some great chats
  • #LetsGrabEm. What a great day of ball grabbing at Lancashire Expo! (Disclaimer! This referred to a game on a stand where players had to grab stress balls rather than ball-pit balls. Phew!)
  • Vibrant and a great start to the day
  • Gets better every year
  • The guys on the stand next to you waz well fit (this lost points for grammatical errors!)
  • Fab, creative, mind blowing. Just great
  • Friendly environment
  • Great day, fab people!
Merseyside Business Expo logo

Thank you to those that took part. Not only is this list a fantastic review of a fabulous day for Lancashire businesses, it also paves the way for the success of the Merseyside Business Expo in October, also to be organised by Shout Network. Bring it on!


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